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Apply For Funding


Funding applications and all supporting documentation

Due Date: Friday, February 17th, 2017 by 3 pm
Location:  United Way of Rhea County office


Application process questions, please address by Email:
    Christine Ralph (Executive Director) at or if needed 423-775-5633

Technical questions about forms, please address by Email:
    Paul Johnson (Volunteer) at  

Please include a contact telephone number in your Email so that we can call for clarification, if needed


Memorandum Of Agreement  (read and sign last page)

Part 1 Guidance  (Information about the process, forms and evaluation)

Part 2 Narrative  (PDF) (DOC)

Part 3 Outcome Measurement  (PDF) (DOC)

Part 4 Budget  (PDF) (XLS)

Part 5 Checklist  (Be sure that all items are included and the right number of copies)


We have tried to answer all the comments from the previous year by both agencies and the volunteer allocations committee. 
The forms have been checked but we could have missed something, so please let us know.  As questions come in we will post
both question and answer here. 

  1. Q.  EXCEL formulas not adding correctly.
    A.  Make sure you are downloading the form from this page and not any Emails!  If formula does not work be sure to let us know.

  2. Q. Narrative, page 5 Collaborations/Partnerships section does not expand and keeps getting smaller.  
    A.  In the properties for that section we had to add "text wrap"- the current form on the website has been updated.

  3. Q. Part 3 Outcome Measurement cells need to "text wrap".  
    A. The current form on the website has been updated.